CMUG Case Studies:

ESA CCI data for model evaluation: using ESMValTool to validate CMIP6 models

Assimilating ESA CCI Aerosol dataset improves model output

ESA CCI data within the Copernicus Climate Data Store Toolbox

Assimilation of ESA CCI snow water equivalent to improve river discharge modelling

Assimilating ESA CCI marine datasets for Reanalysis

Working with Obs4MIPs to make ESA CCI products available for model intercomparison projects (MIPs)

ESA CCI Land Surface Temperature data are used to assess CMIP6 models using a new ESMValTool diagnostic

ESA CCI Surface Soil Moisture for Evaluation of CMIP6 Models

Assimilating ESA CCI Sea Ice Observations To Improve Summer Predictions In The Arctic And Beyond

Use of ocean CCI data in Met Office model

Ocean colour animation and assimilation in an ocean climate model

Using CCI SST And Clouds For Studying ENSO

A New Dimension: The CCI Sea-Ice Thickness Data Set

Comparison Of CCI And GLEAM Soil Moisture Products

Ozone Retrieval Assimilation: Nadir-BUV Or IR Limb-Emission?

Role of CCI datasets for cloud modelling

ESMValTool: Assessing, visualising and analysing CCI data

Use of CCI data over the Mediterranean area