Journey of a Pixel

We're big on Little Pictures.
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A Little Picture is

Minimalist | Super simple, distilling the climate graph to its very simplest form.

Data-driven | By our climate science data, rendered through tools & technologies commonly used in data journalism.

One message only on climate | No more.

Emotive | Not through words. Just the picture.

Big on space | That’s 間 (“Ma”), the space between things.

Bauhaus | Drawing from graphic design, industrial design & product design principles of the design movement.

The 27 variables of climate measurable from space are inter-connected. A change in one changes them all.

As our planet’s temperature continues to rise due to climate change, the Arctic is losing sea ice.

Satellites detect the unique pattern of burned areas. Over decades. This is Ireland from 2001 to 2020.

Over 3mm per year global mean rise in sea level. 1993 to 2015.