ESA learning resources for students, scientists and the public

The grand challenge the world will face in the coming decades will undoubtedly be dealing with climate change. The consequences of a warming climate are far-reaching and are already affecting terrestrial and marine ecosystems, crop yields, and altering hydrological systems which, in turn, affect water resources. With impacts on the natural environment and society for generations to come, climate change is high on political, strategic and economic agendas worldwide.

To prepare for this challenge, the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) has developed Educational Resources which are learning materials for educators, students and the interested public. The educational resources target three categories:

  1. Climate for schools; classroom resource packs for primary and secondary school children.
  2. Climate for science excellence; self-study and teaching material for tertiary education, a Massive Online Open Course and a Summer School.
  3. Climate for the public; playful games to understand aspects of climate change and the role of satellite data in monitoring it.

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Climate for Schools

Teaching resource packs from the Climate Change Initiative

Climate for Science Excellence

Massive Online Open Courses, Summer Schools & Training for learners at MSc & BSc levels

Climate for the Public

Playful games to understand climate change and the role of satellite data in monitoring it