11th CCI Colocation meeting will be held virtually 4-8th October 2021 in conjunction with the CMUG project integration meeting.

This annual meeting brings together the ESA CCI community and invited participants from lead international organisations in climate science. It aims to review ESA's role in providing evidence of a changing climate and showcase the programme's achievements and contributions, as well as providing opportunity for forward-looking discussions on the ESA's next climate programme.

Held over 5 days, participants will review CCI's contributions to UNFCCC IPCC, in particular the 6th Assessment Report Physical Science Basis, its links to the modelling community and role in climate research more broadly, and support for operational climate services.

Participation is by invitation only. Details for joining to follow via email. If you have queries, please contact Paul Fisher.


View the meeting agenda.

Presentations, posters and meeting documents

Will be made available soon.