Click on the links below to view and download a range of factsheets relating to the Climate Change Initiative programme.


ESA Climate kit

We bring you a new easy-to-use guide on what ESA is doing to understand and monitor climate change from space – data that are essential for policy-makers.

This interactive PDF that takes the reader through many of the ‘variables’ that upset Earth’s delicate balance and describes how ESA measures them from space.

CCI Factsheet – How Satellites Help Provide Information on Climate Change (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – Snow and Ice (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – Ocean Warming (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – Evolution of the Atmosphere (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – Climate Models (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – A Changing Landscape (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – The Essential Climate Variables: What do we measure from space? (2 pages).

CCI Factsheet – Future Climate Observations From Space (2 pages).