The first test datasets in this project have been provided. They cover one month per season in one year for each sensor of the dual view line: ATSR-2 (1998), AATSR (2008), SLSTR / Sentinel3-A and SLSTR / Sentinel3-B (both 2019). Currently the datasets are evaluated (inter-comparison to ground-based reference measurements and other aerosol satellite data and initial user assessment) and further algorithm improvements are under development in year 2 of the project. The datasets are accompanied by a set of associated documentation:

  • User Requirements Document (URD)
  • Product Validation Plan (PVP)
  • Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)
  • End-to-End ECV Uncertainty Budget (E3UB)
  • System Specification Document (SSD)
  • Product User Guide (PUG)

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