The following documents have been published by the Sea Surface Salinity ECV project.

User Requirement Document (URD) (v1r4) (3.1.19)

Product Specification Document (PSD) (v1r6) (24.4.19)

Data Access Requirement Document (DARD) (v1r4) (23.4.19)

Algorithm Development Plan (ADP) (v1.1) (19.12.19)

Product Validation and Algorithm Selection Report (PVASR) (v1.1) (13.12.19)

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) (v1.3) (19.12.19)

End to End Uncertainty Budget (E3UB) (v1.2) (19.12.19)

Product Validation Plan (PVP) (v1.1) (4.12.19)

Systems Requirement Document (SRD) (v1.1) (6.12.19)

Systems Specification Document (SSD) (v1.1) (5.12.19)

System Verification Report (SVR) (v1.1) (11.12.19)

Product User Guide (PUG) (v1.2) (5.3.20)