The following documents have been published by the Sea Surface Salinity ECV project

User Requirement Document (URD) (v2.0) (25/03/2020) - Download

Product Specification Document (PSD) (v1r6) (24/04/19) - Download

Data Access Requirement Document (DARD) (v1r4) (23/04/19) - Download

Algorithm Development Plan (ADP) (v1.1) (19/12/19) - Download

Product Validation and Algorithm Selection Report (PVASR) (v1.1) (13/12/19) - Download

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) (v1.3) (19/12/19) - Download

End to End Uncertainty Budget (E3UB) (v1.2) (19/12/19) - Download

Product Validation Plan (PVP) (v1.1) (04/12/19) - Download

Systems Requirement Document (SRD) (v1.1) (06/12/19) - Download

Systems Specification Document (SSD) (v1.1) (05/12/19) - Download

System Verification Report (SVR) (v1.1) (11/12/19) - Download

Product User Guide (PUG) (v1.2) (05/03/20) - Download

Archived documentation

User Requirement Document (URD)