Satellites make a crucial contribution to our understanding of the climate system. They provide a global view, and support the UNFCCC by delivering systematic information for Essential Climate Variables across the atmosphere, land surface, oceans and cryosphere.

The downloadable 'Climate Change from Space' brochure provides an overview of the climate challenge and with examples of how satellite climate data records generated via the ESA Climate Change Initiative have revolutionised how we see the climate system.

Download the 'Climate Change from Space' brochure

A Global challenge

Possible future temperature rise

Find out about Weather vs Climate

Space for our climate

Weather vs Climate

Taking the pulse of the planet

Find out more about the ESA Climate Change Initiative

Generating satellite climate data records

Greenhouse gases

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Sea ice

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Land ice

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Sea surface temperature

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Sea surface salinity

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Sea level

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Ocean colour

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Biomass and Land cover

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Global carbon budget

Space for a green future

More about ESA's vision for Space for a green future

Download the 'Climate Change from Space' brochure