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7 octobre 2022

Strengthening the Observational-modelling interface at the 2nd GCOS Conference

join this World Café to contribute ideas to strengthen the observational-modelling interface

Strengthening the observational-modelling interface to meet emerging scientific needs critical to our understanding of climate change

This World café session is focused on developing community ideas to strengthen the observational-modelling interface towards meeting near term and emerging scientific needs. This fast-paced interactive session on Day 2 of the GCOS 2022 conference will investigate current and emerging key challenges and develop a provisional roadmap of practical actions which will be displayed on Day 3 and support evolving GCOS, WCRP CMIP and ESMO, GEO and ESA work programmes.

The World Café topic registration page is here: Advance registration is not essential but allows participants to secure a place on their preferred discussion topic table.

Three table topics will be held online on Monday 17 October and will directly feed into the in-person event on Tuesday 18 October.