Satellieten die de aarde vanuit de ruimte observeren, geven een duidelijk beeld over de gezondheid van onze planeet en de signalen van klimaatverandering.

Veertig jaar klimaatgegevens liggen binnen handbereik op interactieve wereldbollen en -kaarten via de Climate from Space website. Een elektronisch boek laat u de klimaatgegevens die door het Climate Change Initiative van het Europees Ruimtevaartagentschap worden geproduceerd, nader bekijken.

Bezoek Climate from Space


Access the Climate from Space web application using a browser on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

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Use the data viewer to see how climate variables including ocean temperature, ice sheets, sea level, sea ice, carbon dioxide and soil moisture change through time. Play, pause, and step through the data; spin the world and zoom in; switch between globe (3D) and map (2D) views; compare one dataset with another.

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Engaging and richly-illustrated text explains why measuring these parts of the Earth system is important for climate science, and describes what the climate data show. Project scientists from across Europe explain their work in their own words in short video interviews.

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Credits: The application was developed by Ubilabs and the content was created by Planetary Visions. The source code is hosted on GitHub.