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20 juli 2022

Lakes project

Kick-off phase 2

The kick-off meeting of phase 2 of the Lakes_cci project took place on 7th July 2022. We used the opportunity to discuss upcoming project activities to further improve on results obtained during the first project phase.

We will cover two data releases. The first release is expected in September 2023 and will include improved coverage of Lake Water Level and Lake Water Extent, as well as additional Lake Colour data from MODIS over the period 2012-2016, improved quality filtering and flags, and complement the data set to include the year 2021. The second release is expected in 2025 and will include significant updates in all thematic processing lines.

We will work on extending the thematic variables included in Lakes_cci with Lake Ice Thickness and Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter products. We will also conduct a detailed study to identify climate-sensitive sub-Saharan lakes, bridging observation and modelling approaches.

Three use cases, which are small-scale demonstrations of what can be achieved using the Lakes_cci dataset at scale, will be analysed in the second phase:

  • The impacts on lakes of heatwaves and storm events
  • Water quantity in relation to water quality in a changing environment
  • Aggregated climate indicators for the lakes_cci dataset

A big thank you to all the partners who contributed to the first phase of the Lakes_cci, and to all early adopters for providing highly valuable feedback.