CMUG Integration Meeting Jun 2014

CMUG Integration Meeting Jun 2014

Date: 2 to 4 June 2014

Location: Met Office, Exeter, UK

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Meeting Report


Monday 2 June

Keynote presentations

Keynote 1: Integration of Remote Sensing in IRI's Climate and Environmental Monitoring Activities for Food Security, Human Health and Disaster Management Pietro Ceccato, Environmental Monitoring Program, IRI

Keynote 2: The importance of observations for understanding the role of glaciers in the Earth climate system Michael Zemp, Director World Glacier Monitoring Service, University of Zurich

Keynote 3: Satellite data sets for climate prediction and services (SPECS) Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Head of Climate Forecasting Unit, IC3

Keynote 4: Observational needs for global carbon cycle modelling Chris Jones, Head of Earth System and Mitigation Science, Met Office

CCI ECV Phase 1 results & Phase 2 plans

Soil Moisture Eva Haas

Land Cover Andy Hartley

Fire Emilio Chuvieco

Aerosol Thomas Holzer-Popp

GHG Michael Buchwitz

Cloud Rainer Hollmann

Ozone Melanie Coldewey-Egbers

Glaciers Liss Andreassen

Ice Sheets Rene Forsburg

SST Nick Rayner

Sea Ice Stein Sandven

Ocean Colour Shubha Sathyendranath

Sea Level Michael Ablain

Tuesday 3 June

CMUG assessment of ECVs

Introduction to CMUG assessments Roger Saunders

Ocean colour assessment David Ford

Ozone and SSH assessments Serge Planton

Ozone, GHG and aerosol assessments Rossana Dragani

Cloud assessments Mark Ringer

Land cover, Fire and Soil moisture Alex Loew

Discussion of ECVs

Discussion of Phase 1 results, Phase 2 plans and the development of research Roger Saunders, Met Office

Applications for ECVs

Datasets for evaluating climate models and their projections: Obs4MIPs Robert Ferraro, NASA-JPL

How observations will inform CMIP6 Cath Senior, Met Office

The QA4ECV project better climate information for research Folkert Boersma, KNMI

Using satellite data to understand uncertainties in reanalyses: UERRA Richard Renshaw, Met Office

CORDEX progress and the need of high-resolution observational datasets Grigory Nikulin, SMHI

Wednesday 4 June

Breakout groups for science leads & CRGs

Science Leads Breakout Group

CRG Breakout Group