Taking climate action with Earth observation

30 de Noviembre de 2023
Satellites' contribution to understanding climate change and supporting climate action are under the COP28 spotlight
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BAMS State Of The Climate Report 2022

15 de Septiembre de 2023
Several records broken for key climate indicators and new ESA satellite data featured
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Climate data visualisation competition

4 de Septiembre de 2023
Creative talent invited to visualise climate data for COP28 showcase
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Satellite data help to understand impacts of climate on lakes

1 de Junio de 2023
Data from the Lakes project (1992-2020) are helping to chart Lakes' response to climate change
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ESA Climate Climate Change Initiative at the EGU 2023

24 de Abril de 2023
Details of presentations relating to ESA Climate Change Initiative projects at EGU2023
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