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28 de Noviembre de 2017

ESA CCI Soil Moisture Product New Version Release (v04.4)

Latest release provides global soil moisture data until 30 June 2018

ESA CCI SM v04.4 comprises the three well-known active, passive and combined satellite soil moisture datasets. This latest release extends the dataset for two years, providing global soil moisture data up to 30 June 2018.

It is otherwise similar to the previous version v04.2, merging all active and passive L2 products directly to generate the COMBINED product (previously, this was created from the ACTIVE and PASSIVE products). In addition, soil moisture uncertainties are now available globally for all sensors except SMMR and spatial gaps in the triple collocation based SNR estimates are now filled using a polynomial SNR-VOD regression. Lastly, unreliable retrievals are masked before the merging of Level 2 products.

Download ESA CCI SM v04.4 here: