Policy & Standards

CCI Data Policy

The CCI Data Policy ensures free and open access to CCI data. The policy is available here.

CCI Data Standards

The CCI Data Standards are community-driven requirements ensuring consistent essential climate variable (ECV) data production across the CCI programme. Version 2.3 is the latest. The requirements include data production conformance to the network Common Data Form (netCDF) format, the Climate and Forecasting (CF) metadata conventions, the Attribute Convention for Data Discovery (ACDD), and Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) compliant discovery metadata.

CCI Ontology

To ensure consistency where the same global attributes apply to all CCI essential climate variables (ECVs), and to avoid different terms being used for the same entity, relevant terms have been gathered in a CCI Ontology defining all CCI entities and the relationship between those entities, including CCI project, platform, sensor and institution. For example, the ontology defines common entities for the satellite platforms used across the CCI projects in their data production.