Worsening rifts and fractures spotted at two of Antarctica’s most important glaciers

29 september 2020
Satellite imagery reveals weakening of Antarctica's fastest-changing glaciers
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10th CCI Colocation 9-11 Sep 2020

21 september 2020
Outputs from the 10th CCI colocation meeting 9-11 September
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Ice sheet melt on track with ‘worst-case climate scenario’

8 september 2020
Mass-loss rates of ice sheets in Greenland & Antarctica have been rapidly increasing
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Giant A-68 iceberg three years on

10 juli 2020
Iceberg split from Larsen C ice shelf now in open waters
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10th CCI Colocation Meeting rescheduled

29 juni 2020
The 10th CCI Colocation Meeting will take place live online from 9-11 September 2020
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