ESA's Sea State CCI held its 2nd User Consultation Meeting (UCM) on 23rd-25th March 2021. This was purely an online event, with presentations over Webex, and posters available using padlets. There is a Book of Abstracts, whilst a full list of the presentations (with PDFs of most of them) is given below.

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Fabrice Ardhuin -- Observing sea state climates and its evolution: The ESA Sea State CCI project in the context of other datasets, achievements and perspectives - 22 april 2021
Lotfi Aouf -- Performance of CMEMS wave reanalysis WAVERYS in the Southern Ocean and challenges for next version 2.0 - 22 april 2021
Elodie Charles -- CMEMS satellite near-real-time wave products recent upgrades and future developments towards delayed-time products - 22 april 2021
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Daniele Hauser -- Ocean waves from space: What new information with the CFOSAT mission ? - 22 april 2021
Andrey Pleskachevsky -- Sea State Parameters from Sentinel- 1 SAR - 22 april 2021
Annabelle Ollivier -- CFOSAT: possible contribution of the Sea State Dedicated mission to CCI project - 22 april 2021
Marcel Kleinherenbrink -- Ocean wave spectra in tropical cyclones with the Earth Explorer 10 candidate Harmony - 22 april 2021
Shanka Wijesundara -- Forward model simulation of swell effects in SMAP near-coastal high-resolution NRCS data - 22 april 2021
Dallas Masters & Philip Jales -- Plans for long-term operational sea state monitoring by the Spire GNSS-R nanosatellite constellation - 22 april 2021
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Merce Casas Prat & Xiaolan L. Wang -- Challenges in assessing wave climate and trends therein - 22 april 2021
Christos Stefanakos -- On the estimation of seasonal patterns using satellite, model, and measured data - 22 april 2021
Ali Bel Madani -- Projected future changes in tropical cyclone-related wave climate in the North Atlantic - 22 april 2021
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Dano Roelvink -- The importance of waves for coastal erosion and sediment transport (ABSTRACT ONLY) - 22 april 2021
Rebecca Rolph -- The impact of sea state: From coastal erosion to sailing - 22 april 2021
Umesh Pranavam Ayyappan Pillai -- Towards nature-based solution design applications with marine seagrass for Emilia-Romagna coastal belt - 22 april 2021
Ryan Lowe -- Advancing predictions of nearshore processes within coastal ecosystems - 22 april 2021
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Alvise Benetazzo -- Characterizing the signature of a spatio-temporal wind wave field - 22 april 2021
Alba Ricondo -- HyWaves: A hybrid method to downscale swells in small Pacific islands - 22 april 2021
Xavier Bertin -- The contribution of wave setup to sea-level variations: From the surfzone to lagoons and estuaries - 22 april 2021
Erwin Bergsma -- Monitoring the topography-bathymetry continuum from space - 22 april 2021
Tatjana Kokina -- Wave observations project on the west coast of Ireland - 22 april 2021
Said Obakrim -- Statistical downscaling of the significant wave height - 22 april 2021
Evdokia Tapoglou -- Significant wave height simulation using machine learning and remote sensing for offshore wind farms - 22 april 2021
Vitali Sharmar -- A comparison between four different wind-wave hindcasts computed by forcing the WaveWatch III mode - 22 april 2021
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Vika Grigorieva -- Visual wave observations for sea state analysis: Possibilities and limitations - 22 april 2021
Alba Granados -- Retracking Sentinel 3 SAR altimeter waveforms with the ACDC algorithm - 22 april 2021
Ben Timmermans -- Reliability of extreme significant wave height estimation from satellite altimetry and in situ measurements in the coastal zone - 22 april 2021
Vincent Cooper -- Waves in the marginal ice zone: Insights from in situ observations and modeling - 22 april 2021
Guillaume Dodet -- Recent developments in multi-mission altimeter sea state products: The ESA CCI dataset v2 - 22 april 2021
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Robin Stephens, Mark Calverley & Gus Jeans -- Marine energy sector - Industry use of wave data - 22 april 2021
Joseph Si enkiewicz & Frances Achorn -- Operational forecasting of winds and waves at the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center - 22 april 2021
Andrea Valentini & Sara Morucci -- Wind waves and coastal risk in Emilia Romagna region: Monitoring and forecasting - 22 april 2021
Andy Keane & Maria Hartley -- The impacts of the sea on shipping operations and emergency response - 22 april 2021
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Carsten Brockman & Sophie Hebden -- CCI knowledge exchange & CATE toolbox demo - 22 april 2021