Independent Validation

The validation of ESA CCI SMĀ is conducted by ETH Zurich who are independent from the production process. Results of the validation and intercomparison studies for each of the released versions of the product are described in detail in the corresponding Product Validation and Intercomparison Report (PVIR).

Correlation of different ESA CCI SM versions with ISMN data over the USA subdivided into consecutive 4-year periods (and for the fully available time series in the last panel).


The Quality Assurance for Soil Moisture project (QA4SM) provides an operational online validation service for soil moisture products. It can be used to validate the ESA CCI SM product for spatial and temporal subsets defined by the user. An example validation for ESA CCI SM v07.1 against ERA-5 for the period 2007-2020 is shown below:

Correlation (Pearson's) between ESA CCI SM COMBINED v07.1 product and ERA-5 soil moisture.