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7 de Diciembre de 2023

New Tender: CROSS-ECV ACTIVITIES Tender Action Number: 1-12062

New tender issued by the ESA Climate Office (Activity Number: 1000039196)

The ESA Climate Office has issued a new tender - CROSS-ECV ACTIVITIES (Tender Action Number: 1-12062). The deadline for submission is 12 February 2024, 13:00 CET


The latest IPCC Sixth Assessment Report provides highlights progress that has been made in developing observation-based climate data records and using these to assess changes on a global and regional scale. It stresses the pivotal role of satellite-derived climate data records as evidence for climate change. Our understanding of the interactions between atmosphere, ocean, ice and land as well as of the climate system processes has improved greatly, in part also due to new observational capabilities including those from satellites. However, knowledge gaps remain. Many scientific findings are yet given low confidence levels. These identified knowledge gaps should be addressed in order to strengthen the confidence levels in the next round of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment cycle, AR7.

Assessing the Climate System as part of the Earth System and linking its complex interactions through a cross-Essential Climate Variable (ECV) analysis, will also help address the challenges posed by closing the global budgets and related knowledge gaps. This includes any challenges to resolve cycle component-interactions on a regional scale. Furthermore, while closing budgets is one aspect of characterising the Earth’s climate system, better understanding climate sensitivity and forcings is required to understand climate change.

Aim and objectives

The aim of this procurement is to take advantage of the suite of datasets developed as part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) that address GCOS-defined Essential Climate Variables to support efforts to close knowledge gaps on the key processes and forcings that underly the coupled climate system that directly respond to the scientific needs with direct relevance to the IPCC assessments.

The following overarching objectives of the procurement are to:

  1. Address knowledge gaps in climate science as outlined by the international scientific community;
  2. Fully exploit the ECV data sets developed within the ESA CCI programme;
  3. Develop the appropriate methodologies, including for assessing cross-ECV consistencies, to be able to:
  4. Undertake a scientific analysis that contributes to directly respond to knowledge gaps related to our Climate System as part of the Earth System (this includes work on budgets, cycles, and processes).

This tender is issued via ESA-STAR as an open competition (Tender Action Number: 1-12062 — Activity Number: 1000038871)

  • Deadline for submission: 12 February 2024 at 13:00 CET
  • This tender is open to organisations from the following ESA Member States: AT+BE+CA+CH+CZ+DE+DK+ES+FI+FR+GB+IE+IT+NL+NO+PT+SE

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