The following organisations make up the Sea Level project team.

The ESA Sea Level CCI+ extension activities (2019-2024):

The project team involved in the Sea Level CCI+ activities includes 4 companies/institutes from 3 ESA member states. The consortium has been built to integrate partners from the Earth Observation, Oceanography and Climate communities, all providing internationally acknowledged expertise:

The Expertise:

The phase II of the SL_CCI project (2014-2019):

The project team involved in phase II of the SL_CCI project has included 15 companies/institutes from over 7 countries and has been built to integrate expertise in the fields of Earth Observation and Climate Modelling. The team members are CLS, LEGOS, CGI, IsardSAT, DTU, GFZ, NOC, University of Porto, PML, University of Hamburg, NERSC, ECMWF, TUD, University of Bonn and TUM.

The Expertise:

The Science leadership has been assigned to Anny Cazenave who has an internationally recognized scientific expertise in the field of altimetry and climate.

While CLS will ensure the SLCCI-Phase 2 project leadership through the project manager (G. Larnicol / JF Legeais), the full strength of the consortium comes from the 3 core groups involved in the project: Earth Observations team, Climate research group and system engineering team respectively led by M. Ablain (CLS), D. Stammer (UoH) and C. Farquhar (CGI).

The Consortium

The consortium has been built to integrate core partners from the Earth Observations community (CLS, GFZ, isardSAT, DTU Space, LEGOS) and from the Climate modelling community (UoH, ECMWF, NERSC), all having an internationally acknowledged expertise in their field of expertise.