• 7 novembre 2023 - 9 novembre 2023
  • ECSAT, Harwell, Oxfordshire, OX11 0FD, UK (in-person event)

Contact pour l'événement: Victoria Ayala

Europe’s leading climate researchers and modellers are set to convene for the 13th annual ESA Climate Change Initiative colocation and CMUG integration meetings at the new ESA ECSAT conference centre, Harwell Oxfordshire, UK.

The meeting aims to provide a programme wide update, maintain scientific coherence across project teams, consolidate common approaches and mobilise the multi-disciplinary scientific expertise available within the various teams.

Who shall attend?

The event is by invitation only. In-person attendance by at least two key personnel from each project, namely the CCI project Science Leader and Project Managers are required. We would also like to extend the in-person invitation to other team members, including the Climate Research Groups.

The event will be live streamed (link to be shared in November) to allow other team members to watch the session. Note that remote viewers will NOT be be able to actively participate in the meeting.


  • Venue, registration & agenda

Colocation will be held at the new ESA ECSAT Conference centre based on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, UK. (directions to get to ECSAT).

Registration will open online in September (you will receive an email). All attendees will need to register (by invitation only).

The colocation agenda can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Accommodation

We advise attendees to organise their accommodation in central Oxford. ESA will organise shuttle buses to and from the ECSAT conference centre at the start and end of each day.

A list of suggestion hotels and guest houses is provided.

Details of how to get to ECSAT are available here if you decide to make your own travel arrangements to the site.

  • Transport

A shuttle service will be provided to and from Oxford on Tuesday 07 Nov, Wednesday 08 Nov and Thursday 09 Nov (morning only).

For your onward journey to train stations/airports we advise that you book a local taxi service please use this link: Go Green. It is advised that you coordinate between yourselves to establish car shares where possible to reduce both cost and carbon footprint. Alternatively there is a public bus service within easy walking distance of the ECSAT building that goes to Didcot train station

  • Welcome drinks reception - 7 Nov

We are looking forward to hosting you all in the UK. As part of that welcome we invite you to an evening drinks reception with apéritifs at the world-famous Oxford University Museum of Natural History during the evening of 7 November.

  • Poster session

All projects and research fellows are expected to deliver a poster presentation featuring their latest scientific highlights (not a programmatic summary) during the early evening 8 November.

Poster specification:

  • A0 portrait
  • Use the ESA portrait template (jpg) (pptx)

Note: if you want to print locally, we advise using Carbon Colour and ask that they deliver to ECSAT for 8 Nov.

Agenda (GMT)

Tuesday 7 November

09:00 - 09:30 Registration at ECSAT conference centre

09:30-12:30 Session One - Opening and Welcome

  • Opening and welcome (Susanne Mecklenburg, ESA) 10’
  • Update on current status of CCI (Susanne Mecklenburg, ESA) 20’
  • Update on CCI research fellows (Anna Maria Trofaier, ESA) 20’
  • CCI Data Policy & CCI Knowledge Exchange (Ed Pechorro, ESA) 20’
  • Delivery of new long time series of datasets and Fundamental Data Records (Mirko Albani, ESA) 20’
  • Update on CMIP activities: planning for CMIP-7, plans for provision of forcing data sets, feedback from world café at WCRP OSC, obs4MIPS (Eleanor O’Rourke, CMIP IPO) 20’
  • Use of EO for forcing data sets (Claire MacIntosh, ESA) 20’
  • Amazon campaign: current plans (Clement Albergel, Malcolm Davidson, ESA) 20’
  • Update on IPCC AR7 (Sarah Connors, ESA) 15
  • Q&A

12:45 - 14:00 - Lunch

14:00 - 17:30 Session 2 - Cross-ECVs

  • Feedback from Joint GCOS-WCRP cycles workshop (Han Dolman, NIOZ) 20’
  • Introduction to the ITT for cross-ECVs (Anna Maria Trofaier, ESA) 10’
  • Discussions on potential cross-ECV topics to be organised by science leaders (Darren Ghent, Leicester Uni)

17:30 Leave ECSAT for Welcome Drinks reception Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Note: transport and food provided

Wednesday 8 November

09:30 - 12:30 - Session 3: Emerging topics

  • Update on recent developments in ESA’s EO Programme (Rune Floberghagen, ESA) 20’
  • Update on the EO science strategy and how to involve the CCI community (Malcolm Davidson, ESA) 30’
  • Feedback from Science Leads on EO science strategy 30’

New topics under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement: adaptation

  • What are the most pressing issues for adaptation to a changing climate (Richard Dawson, Newcastle University)
  • The GCOS adaptation task team (Han Dolman, NIOZ)
  • CCI plans for adaptation – health (Rochelle Schneider, ESA)
  • Use cases from CCI projects

12:30 - 14:30 - Lunch

13:30 - 17:30 - Session 4: Joint CCI/CMUG session: Observations/Model intercomparison

  • ESMValTool – latest updates (Axel Lauer, DLR)
  • ESA approach to obs4MIPS (Simon Pinnock, ESA)
  • CMUG work package on future evolution of obs4MIPs (Amy Doherty, UK Met Office)
  • Recent developments in cloud computing for climate observations (Alison Waterfall, CEDA)
  • CMIP/CORDEX discussion (Eleanor O’Rourke, CMIP IPO)

17:30 - 20:30 - Poster session

(All projects and research fellows are to present their latest scientific highlights)

Thursday 9 November

09:00-13:00 Session 5: CMUG Integration

  • Introduction to the Integration Meeting (30')
  • Overview of CMUG phase 2, Presentation of CMUG plans for phase 2 (1 slide per WP/study) (30')
  • Breakout rooms by science study for joint kick-offs (120')
  • Discussion on Linking Observations with Models in CLIMATE-SPACE (30')
  • Concluding remarks and meeting close (30')


Fuseau horaire : GMT

7 novembre 2023