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Observing the climate

We are the ESA Climate Office, the focal point for the Agency's climate activities. Using satellite observations, we develop the global, long-term data records that evidence our changing climate and inform international action.


From climate science to action

Our satellite data records provide the physical evidence to strengthen climate understanding, anticipate change and support progress towards the UNFCCC Paris Agreement goals.


The climate challenge

Global temperatures are rising, altering the Earth system’s delicate balance. The international community can still stabilise our climate. Measurements from space help monitor our changing planet and inform decisions towards a sustainable future.


The climate change initiative

Together with our community of leading European research teams we are developing a suite of global data records of key components of the climate system.


Discover climate. In time. From Space.

Over forty years of climate data from satellites are available to explore via interactive globes and maps with ESA's Climate from Space web application.

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