24 mars 2024

Workshop Announcement: Remote Sensing in Lakes at PPNW Conference

call for abstracts

A specialised workshop on Remote Sensing in lakes is to be held at the 26th annual and international workshop on Physical Process in Natural Waters on 5 July, 2024, in University of Girona.

The workshop will explore the advancements in satellite-derived products for monitoring inland water ecosystems, offering insights into their dynamics and interaction with the environment. Contributions utilising remote sensing methods and modeling to understand the impacts of climatic and anthropogenic factors on inland waters' health are encouraged.

The session will also describe and explore the long-term global satellite records developed as part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative's lake project. These data span 1992-2020, comprise over 2,000 lakes and address a basket of requirements defined by the Global Climate Observing System.

Led by Monica Pinardi from the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (IREA), National Research Council of Italy (CNR) Optical Remote Sensing-Water, and Laura Carrea from the University of Reading.

Interested researchers are invited to share their research findings and receive valuable feedback.

Abstract submission deadline: April 2, 2024.

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