Providing the facts to help Europe achieve 55%

16 septembre 2020
EC President proposes new 2030 target of 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions for Europe
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10th CCI Colocation Meeting rescheduled

29 juin 2020
The 10th CCI Colocation Meeting will take place live online from 9-11 September 2020
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Shedding light on the ocean’s living carbon pump

6 mai 2020
Phytoplankton play a crucial role in ocean biology and climate
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Earth Day: taking the pulse of our planet

22 avril 2020
Satellites are vital in providing key facts on climate change
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Version 4.2 Data Release

3 décembre 2019
Comprises globally merged MERIS, Aqua-MODIS, SeaWiFS and VIIRS data
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