ESA-EGU 2023 awards packed with climate scientists

28 de Marzo de 2023
Finalists for ESA-EGU awards feature several researchers from the Climate Change Initiative
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Recovering forests regain a quarter of deforestation carbon losses

16 de Marzo de 2023
Research demonstrates the importance of conserving recovering forests along with protecting old-growth forest
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Surprise global methane spike during Covid-19 lockdowns investigated

25 de Enero de 2023
Study identifies wetland emissions and drop in nitrogen oxide as drivers of global anomaly
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Climate Tipping Points: Earth Observations to Address a Key Climate Uncertainty

4 de Enero de 2023
Scientists from ESA CCI joined experts in climate modelling and process understanding to discuss tipping points
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Amazon biomass in decline due to deforestation and degradation

23 de Noviembre de 2022
Losses from forest degradation significant yet not included in national inventory reporting
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