The latest global Aerosol_cci products including uncertainties are provided via the CCI Open Data Portal:

Since operational continuation of data (re-)processing has been transfer to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, more recent versions of updated / improved data records (also including successor sensors SLSTR and OLCI) are available at the Copernicus Climate Data Store

Latest mature Aerosol_cci data records

Additional Aerosol_cci data records

Main dataset characteristics

The four AATSR data sets are similar in their quality over land to MODIS / MISR but with weaker coverage and less accuracy for high AOD values. The four ATSR-2 data sets cover a historic period observed by few other satellite aerosol sensors.

The four IASI datasets contain a complementary aerosol property (mineral dust AOD).

PARASOL / GRASP provides several consistent aerosol properties within one retrieval: AOD, Fine Mode AOD, Single Scattering Albedo.

GOMOS / AERGOM provides stratospheric extinction profile data sets.

The multi-sensor AAI record provides qualitative information on aerosol absorption.

The MERIS data set provides wider swath width than AATSR (both on-board ENVISAT).

The SEVIRI CISAR algorithm provides hourly AOD.