The latest global products including uncertainties are provided via the CCI Open Data Portal:

These are listed by sensor name, version number, parameter, date range and provider of the dataset:

In addition, an ensemble data set (v2.6) from the 3 ATSR datasets (using weighting with uncertainties contained in the products where at least two of the three retrievals have valid results) is provided.

PARASOL/GRASP v0.08 AOD, FMAOD, SSA 2005-2013 4 selected regions (LOA)

GOMOS_AERGOM / v3.00 extinction 2002-2012 (BIRA)

Further data from the first phase are also available: MERIS_ALAMO / v2.2 AOD 1-12 2008 Ocean only (ICARE).

Available on request (as co-funded by Aerosol_CCI) is Multi-sensor_AAI / v1.7 AAI 1978-2012 (KNMI).

Additionally, an experimental geostationary data set (2008) is provided with the CISAR algorithm (v10. reference).

The four AATSR data sets are similar in their quality over land to MODIS / MISR but with weaker coverage and less accuracy for high AOD values. The four ATSR-2 data sets cover a historic period observed by few other satellite aerosol sensors.

The four IASI datasets contain a complementary aerosol property (mineral dust AOD).

PARASOL / GRASP provides several consistent aerosol properties within one retrieval: AOD, Fine Mode AOD, Single Scattering Albedo.

GOMOS / AERGOM provides stratospheric extinction profile data sets.

The multi-sensor AAI record provides qualitative information on aerosol absorption.

The MERIS data set provides wider swath width than AATSR (both on-board ENVISAT).

The CISAR algorithm provides hourly AOD.