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10. November 2018

CMUG News Archive

CMUG news from May 2010 to July 2019

July 2019 Thank you to all who contributed to the CMUG User Requirements survey which will help develop the CCI ECVs.

May 2019 Richard Jones, the CMUG Lead Scientist, gave a presentation on CMUG results and plans at the Living Planet Symposium in Milan, Italy. [17-05-2019]

March 2019 CMUG scientists attended and presented at the 9th CCI Colocation meeting in Oxford, UK, from 26-28 March 2019. [28-03-2019]

November 2018 – CMUG held its eighth CCI Integration Meeting, with presentations given by the new ECV projects, Exeter, UK, 29-31 October 2018. [01-11-2018]. Download report

October 2018 – CMUG started work on a new three year contract in the CCI+ programme on the 1st October 2018. CMUG researchers will examine the climate datasets that the new ECV projects will produce. [01-10-2018]

March 2018 – CMUG attended and presented at the 8th CCI Colocation meeting, Oxford, UK, 20-22 March 2018. [23-03-2018]

February 2017 – The 7th CMUG Integration meeting was held on the 13-14 February 2017 at IPSL in Paris. Research sceintists from the CCI ECV projects, CMUG and other experts in Earth observations and climate modelling examined the latest results from CCI data and the validation of those data with climate models. [15-02-2017]

November 2016 – Roger Saunders gave a presentation of CMUG research and results at the EUMETSAT/CMSAF Workshop on Applications of Satellite Climate Data Records in Numerical Modelling, held at ECMWF, 15-17 November 2016. [18-11-2016]

October 2016 – CMUG attended the CCI colocation meeting at the ESA ESRIN office from 4 to 6 October 2016. CMUG researchers from the UK Met Office, SMHI and ECMWF attended the meeting and gave presentations on CMUG results and scientific research directions in the near term. [10-10-2016]

March 2016 – The CCI-CMUG 6th Integration meeting was hosted on 14-16 March at Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich. The integration meeting demonstrated applications being developed for CCI-CMUG datasets, and assessed the potential for future applications. It also reviewed Phase 2 project activities, and strengthened links between CCI and other climate initiatives. Access the presentations. [24-03-2016]

January 2016 – Newsletter No. 6 (January 2016) is available here.

December 2015 – CMUG attended the COP21 climate change meeting in Paris in December 2015. Patricia Cadule from IPSL (pictured right with Pascal Lecomte, centre, and Cat Downy, left) attended the event providing a CMUG perspective of climate observations research. Pascal Lecomte, Head of the ESA Climate Office at the European Space Agency, led the side event which provided information on CCI datasets to support understanding of the climate system which underpins the COP21 negotiations and its subsequent agreements.

28 September 2015 – CMUG attended the CCI Colocation meeting at the ESA ESRIN office from 28 September to 1 October 2015. CMUG researchers from the UK Met Office, SMHI and IPSL attended the meeting and gave presentations on CMUG results and scientific research opportunities over the next few years. Read more about the meeting here.

25 September 2015 – CMUG Deliverables 3.1 Quality Assessment Report which assesses the quality of the CCI Climate Data Records has been published and is available here.

19 August 2015 – An Overview newsletter outlining project activities to date is available here.

25 June 2015 – The latest newsletter No. 5 (June issue) is available here.

28 May 2015 – CMUG fifth Integration Meeting was held at the SMHI office in Norrkoping, Sweden, 26-28 May 2015. The meeting, which was attended by 65 scientists, examined CCI's current gridded climate observation datasets , their validation by the CMUG climate modelling teams, their application in climate research, and their potential use in Copernicus Climate Change Services. Presentations from the meeting

15 October 2014 – CMUG presentation at CCI session at the Darmstadt Climate Symposium - Roger Saunders (Met Office) CMUG Science Lead co-chaired the CCI Session at this international event.

30 June 2014 – On the 1st July 2014 CMUG announced a successful end to Phase 1 and started work on Phase 2. This second phase of the CMUG contribution to the ESA CCI programme gives CMUG researchers an opportunity to apply the CCI data sets in coordinated modelling experiments and to show the utility of CCI datasets to the climate research community.

3 June 2014 – CMUG held its fourth Integration Meeting at the Met Office HQ, Exeter, UK, 2-3 June 2014. The meeting showcased the gridded climate observation datasets produced in Phase 1of the CCI programme and demonstrated their utility to the climate modelling, reanalysis and research community. Meeting information

1 April 2014 – A report summarising CMUG results on its analysis of CCI Phase 1 data was published. This report runs to 93 pages and describes the CMUG assessment of nine ECVs and what this means for researchers who intend to use CCI data. The report is available here.

4 February 2014 – Researchers from CMUG attended the CCI Colocation meeting at Frascati, Italy, 4-6th February.

12 September 2013 – The fourth CMUG newsletter can be found here and describes highlights from recently published scientific papers and other project deliverables. It gives an overview of the CMUG led third CCI Integration Meeting, Hamburg 3-5 June, and information on forthcoming events in 2013 at which CMUG results will be presented.

11 September 2013 – CMUG participation at the ESA Living Planet Symposium. This symposium occurs every 4 years and this year was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Roger Saunders, science lead for the CMUG gave a presentation on the work of CMUG in the CCI and it's relevance to climate researchers.

3 June 2013 – The third CMUG Integration meeting took place June 3-6 at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. Keynote speakers included David Lary (University of Texas), Colin Jones (SMHI) and Sonia Seneviratne (ETHZ). Meeting information, presentations and outputs are available here.

May 2013 – CMUG scientists at ECMWF and MPI-M published four reports on ECV precursor assessment. Deliverables D3.1_1C: Cross precursor assessment on Soil Moisture, Land Cover and Fire; D3.3: Technical Note on the use of uncertainty in models and reanalysis; D3.4: Technical Note on the role of Reanalysis in the production and quality assessment of CDRs; and D3.5: Technical Note on the status of ECMWF Climate Monitoring Database facility. All are available on the results page.

7 May 2013 – CMUG scientist at MPI-M publishes a paper examining the impact of variations in terrestrial ECVs for different climate applications. The study is on the Sahelian drought and subsequent recovery in precipitation and vegetation, using observations of precipitation, surface albedo, vegetation index, and ocean indices. Link to full article.

15 April 2013 – CMUG scientists contributed to 4th Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE), to be held in Exeter, UK, from 15-19 April, 2013. Presentations included an overview of CMUG contributions to the CCI (R. Saunders), "Quantitative Evaluation of the Seasonal Variations in Climate Model Cloud Regimes" (Y. Tsushima et al.), and "Solar radiation biases over the Southern Ocean in CMIP5 models" (A. Bodas-Salcedo et al.).

14 February 2013 – CMUG scientist co-authors paper on assimilating GlobColour ocean colour data into a physical-biogeochemical ocean model.Published in Ocean Science Discussions, this paper investigates any potential improvements to model error and biases through assimilation of GlobColour data into the FOAM-HadOCC ocean model. Full paper can be found on the Ocean Science Discussions website.

28 January 2013 – CMUG scientists from MPI-M have performed an extensive assessment of the soil moisture ECV. This assessment evaluates potential applications of the precursor CCI soil moisture dataset, derived from satellite observations, within the climate modelling community (specifically, model evaluation and development). Analysis of long-term soil moisture data across various datasets is performed to assess potential uses in future climate studies.

14 January 2013 – The third CMUG newsletter can be found here. It contains a detailed summary of the recently completed ECV Soil Moisture assessment, in addition to highlights from recently published scientific papers and other project deliverables. The CCI 2012 Colocation Meeting and Mid Term Review are also summarised, followed by forthcoming CMUG events in 2013.

12 December 2012
CMUG scientists are co-authors on a paper about the CCI. The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) will shortly publish a paper on the CCI including descriptions of the CMUG and its role in the CCI. The paper will be available in early 2013 from the BAMS website.

24 September 2012 – Third ESA CCI Colocation Meeting and Mid Term Review meetings were held in Frascati, Italy. Scientists from the CMUG and all 13 ECV projects discussed their contribution to the CCI, along with any recent progress and initial results. In conjunction, a comprehensive external review of all CCI projects, including the CMUG, was carried out by delegates from the 15 countries which fund the CCI.

14 May 2012 – The second CCI Integration Meeting was held at MétéoFrance, Toulouse, on the 14-16 May, and was organised by the CMUG. Key note speakers described current research on the climate system, including knowledge gaps. Leaders of the CCI projects then demonstrated through presentations and discussion groups how the CCI data sets under production will help address these research questions.

5 December 2011
ESA presented the CCI project at the UNFCCC COP-17 meeting in Durban in December 2012. ESA held a side event along with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the South African Space Agency (SANSA) on sustaining systematic climate observations from space including the CCI.

12 October 2011 – CMUG experts participated in the ESA CCI project meeting held at the ESA ESRIN office in Frascati, Italy, 12-14 October.

1 October 2011 – Our second newsletter can be found here. It contains background information on CMUG as well as some information on our partners.

2 May 2011 – CLIVAR programme has published a special issue of its Exchange newsletter (No. 56, Vol. 16, No. 2, May 2011) on the subject of CMIP-5: the WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project - Phase 5. This includes an article on pages 47-48 about CMUG and the work it is doing.

4 December 2010 – The head of CMUG, Roger Saunders, gave a presentation on CMUG at an ESA side event at COP-16 in Cancun, Mexico.

1 November 2010 – Our first newsletter can be found here. It contains information about the project plans and research areas, as well as a summary of climate modellers' requirements gathered by CMUG for the CCI. It also describes some of the team members.

1 May 2010 – Article about CMUG in the WCRP GEWEX newsletter describing the programme and its anticipated results.