CMUG Integration Meeting May 2012

CMUG Integration Meeting May 2012

Date: 14 to 16 May 2012

Location: Météo France, Toulouse, France

Please ask the authors' permission before reproducing any part of these presentations.

Aims and Program of Meeting

Report on Second CCI Project Integration Meeting (v1.1)

Monday 14th May

Keynote presentations

CCI update Mark Doherty (ESA)

Cryosphere Andy Shepherd (Leeds University)

Oceans Johnny Johannessen (NERSC)

Carbon cycle Shaun Quegan (Sheffield University)

CMIP and observations Robert Ferraro (NASA-JPL)

Terrestrial ECVs

Land cover Pierre Defourny (UCLouvain)

Fire Emilio Chuvieco (UAH)

Soil moisture Wolfgang Wagner (Vienna University of Technology)

Ice sheets Christine Hvidberg (University of Copenhagen)

Glaciers Frank Paul (University of Zurich)

Marine ECVs

Ocean colour Shuba Sathyendranath (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

Sea level Michaël Ablain (CLS)

Sea surface temperature Chris Merchant (Edinburgh University)

Sea ice Stein Sandven (NERSC)

Atmospheric ECVs

Aerosol Gerrit de Leeuw (FMI)

Clouds Rainer Hollmann (DWD)

Ozone Michel van Roozendael (Aeronomie)

Greenhouse gases Michael Buchwitz (University of Bremen)

Tuesday 15th May

Report from Terrestrial ECV session Emilio Chuvieco (UAH)

Report from Marine ECV session Shuba Sathyendranath (Plymouth Marine L.)

Report from Atmospheric ECV session Rainer Hollmann (DWD)

Wednesday 16th May

Cloud precursor dataset Mark Ringer (Met Office)

OC, SST and SSH precursor datasets Roger Saunders (Met Office)

Landcover and fire precursor datasets Iryna Khlystova (MPI-M)

Results from Science Leads brainstorming group Chris Merchant (Edinburgh University)

Results from CRG brainstorming group Alex Loew (MPI-M)