Data generated in the Lakes_cci project contains global lake products during the period 1992-2020.

Main characteristics:

Target lakes for version 2.0.2:

Distribution of lakes represented in the Lakes_cci dataset v2.0

The files in netCDF format can be downloaded at Centre for Environmental Data Analysis: lakes_cci v2.0.2

The list of lakes, including their location and thematic ECV data availability for version 2.0.2, can be downloaded in csv format (lakescci_v2.0.2_data-availability) or shape format (lakes_cci_v2.0.2_data_availability_shp)

Tips for users:

The temporal availability of LWLR data depends on the sensor. The table below shows the time span and sensor source for LWLR and derived variables.

MODIS-Aqua coverage is for a reduced number of lakes after validation of inter-sensor consistency.

lakes_cci LWLR coverage

As LWL is altimetry-based, water level information for some lakes is not available as they are not covered by past and current altimetry missions.