Data generated in the Lakes_cci project contains global lake products during the period 1992-2020, where and when data quality appropriate for climate studies can be achieved.

Main characteristics:

Water bodies observed in versions 2.0 and above:

Distribution of lakes in the Lakes_cci dataset v2.0

Where to find and how to explore the Lakes climate data records

There are several ways in which you can explore, download, and analyse the Lakes_cci datasets.

Lakes_cci WebGIS

Lakes_cci - Global Climate Indicators Dashboard

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Tips for users:

The temporal availability of LWLR data depends on the sensor. The table below shows the time span and sensor source for LWLR and derived variables.

MODIS-Aqua coverage is for a reduced number of lakes after validation of inter-sensor consistency. In v2.0.2, 38 lakes out of 250 investigated have MODIS data included in the indicated period. The remainder of lakes is being investigated during phase 2 of the project

lakes_cci LWLR coverage

As LWL is altimetry-based, water level information for some lakes is not available as they are not covered by past and current altimetry missions.