Data generated in the Lakes_cci project contains global lake products during the period 1992-2020, where and when data quality appropriate for climate studies can be achieved.

Main characteristics:

  • Daily aggregation interval pinned to 12:00:00 UTC.
  • Grid format with spatial resolution of 1/120 degrees (near 1 km at the equator).
  • Per-lake variables (LWL and LWE) are duplicated into the grid for the area given under the nominal spatial delineation of that lake, derived from its maximum water extent as used for the variables resolved for the whole lakes grid.
  • Datum: WGS84
  • Extent: -180 to 180 degrees longitude, -90 to 90 degrees latitude, where positive signs point north and east. The pixel coordinate is the centre of the pixel. This results in 21600 grid rows and 43200 grid columns.
Distribution of lakes in the Lakes_cci dataset v2.1
Distribution of lakes in the Lakes_cci dataset v2.1

Lake Surface Water Temperature data (version 2.02) - Interactive globe

Where to find and how to explore the Lakes climate data records

There are several ways in which you can explore, download, and analyse the Lakes_cci datasets.

Lakes_cci WebGIS

Lakes_cci - Global Climate Indicators Dashboard

Tips for users:

Data used for the generation of the lakes_cci product come from multiple instruments in different missions. Thus, the temporal resolution and spatial coverage are not the same for all variables. The figures below show the spatial coverage of the data for LWL, LWE and LSWT. Temporal time step for LWL and LWE is satellite dependant, ranging from daily for lakes observed by multiple missions/tracks to 27 days for lakes being observed by sentinel-3A/B missions. LIC data is available since 2001 for all lakes with a flag indicating whether a lake do not form ice. LWLR data is available for all lakes since 2002. Among them, 48 lakes have complete datasets spanning from 2002 to 2022, while the remaining lakes have a gap in data between 2012 and 2016. The data availability is classified in five categories:

Lake Water Level - Spatial coverage (starting in 1992)

Lake Water Extent - Spatial coverage (starting in 1992)

Lake Surface Water Temperature - Spatial coverage (starting in 1995)

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