Journey of a Pixel

Journey of a Pixel

LPS22 | 26 May 2022

We take you on the journey of a climate pixel.

From satellite. To research. To operations. To user.

Via an agora, a masterclass, 1-to-1s and a game.

Brought to you by ESA, ECMWF & EUMETSAT

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Europa Stage | 14:05 to 15:05

We take you on the journey of a climate pixel. From satellite. To research. To operations. To user.

Join ESA Director of Earth Observation (Simonetta Cheli), EUMETSAT Chief Scientist (Paolo Ruti), ECMWF Director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (Carlo Buontempo), & Head of ESA Climate Office (Susanne Mecklenburg), as we travel from space to user. From the Sentinels passing over south west Spain, to the streets of Valencia.


Room H-01-03 | 15:30 to 16:30

Leading ESA, EUMETSAT & ECMWF climate data engineers share their wisdom through a Jupyter tour of a climate pixel.

We will explore the changing lands of Valencia, south western Spain, to understand the past, observe the present, and model the future. Along the way we will use the EUMETSAT Data Store, the ESA climate data portal and toolbox of the ESA Climate Change Initiative, and ECMWF data and tools from the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

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Climate Hub @ ESA Stand
16:30 to 17:00

We'll bring the climate data engineers. You bring the questions.

Join us to talk about the Journey of a Pixel, the ESA + ECMWF + EUMETSAT data and tools we use, how we work together, and the Masterclass python script. Feel free to bring your laptop.

Plus - there will be further clues to the Game.


All Day | ESA Stand

You’ve been on the journey. Now play the game -

Where & When is the satellite image ?

Here is how you play -

# From 8am a satellite image is released just below, and will also be worn by our Game Hosts of the Journey of a Pixel.

# Find a Game Host from to submit your guess to Where & When is the satellite image. They might even give you a clue.

# The Game Hosts will have a variety of clues. The more you meet, the more clues you'll learn.

# Then join us at the ESA Stand @ 5pm for the answer reveal and the winner announcement.