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23 septembre 2021

11th CCI Colocation 2021

ESA's climate community will gather virtually 4-8th October

11th CCI Colocation meeting will be held virtually 4-8th October 2021 in conjunction with the CMUG project integration meeting.

This annual meeting brings together the ESA CCI community and invited participants from lead international organisations in climate science. It aims to review ESA's role in providing evidence of a changing climate and showcase the programme's achievements and contributions, as well as providing opportunity for forward-looking discussions on the ESA's next climate programme.

Held over 5 days, participants will review CCI's contributions to UNFCCC IPCC, in particular the 6th Assessment Report Physical Science Basis, its links to the modelling community and role in climate research more broadly, and support for operational climate services.

Participation is by invitation only, CCI projects are requested to send lists of all team members who wish to join. Links for joining will follow via email. If you have queries, please contact Paul Fisher.


View the meeting agenda.

Presentations, posters and meeting documents

The poster session will be held in breakouts. See links in agenda.

Session 4 - CCI+ implementation

Intro- Clement Albergel

HR Land Cover CCI

Biomass CCI

Land Surface Temperature CCI

Lakes CCI

Sea State CCI

Salinity CCI

Snow CCI

Permafrost CCI

Water Vapour CCI


Knowledge Exchange CCI


Sea Surface Temperature CCI

Ocean Colour CCI

Sea Level CCI

Sea Level Budget Closure CCI - results

Sea Ice CCI

Fire CCI

Land Cover CCI

Soil Moisture CCI

Antarctic Ice Sheet CCI

Greenland Ice Sheet CCI

Glaciers CCI

Cloud CCI

Greenhouse gas CCI

Ozone CCI

Lightning talks CCI Fellows

Agostino Meroni

Alexandra Runge

Christin Abel

Guilia Bonino

Nicolas Labriere

Nina Raoult

Rebecca Dell

Richard Pope

Stephen Chuter

Session 5 - IPCC AR6 contributions from CCI+

General Approach and summary - Richard Jones

Highlights from projects

Session 6 - Linking Climate modelling and observations

Report from CMUG - A.Doherty

AIMES - Priorities and Opportunities - H.Liddy

Role of CCI Data in Climate Research beyond Model Development - D.Notz

Session 7 - Preparing for the New Climate Programme

Foresight Report Summary - R.Jones

EO for UNFCCC Paris Agreement - M.Hegglin

ESPI Study on National Climate Activities - A.M.Trofaier

Operational Climate Services: Update on C3S Plans for Phase 2 - C.Buontempo

EUMETSAT's CDOP: Update Following Recent Review - P.Ruti

Session 8 - The New Climate Programme: COMPASS

New Climate Programme, COMPASS - S.Mecklenburg

Applications Of CCI Data In ESA's EO4SD Climate Resilience Projects - C.Domenech

COP-26 Demo Project 'City Explorer' - D.Fletcher

COP-26 Demo Project 'PODCAST-DEMO' - M.Racault

'Globally Local Agenda': Using Global CDRs For Regional, National And Local Applications - C.Merchant

Breakout sheet