Do you want to develop the skills necessary to understand climate change, learn more about ESA’s Climate Change Initiative and use its data on the Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) to analyse and visualise what truly is happening with the climate? This free, English-taught massive open online course (MOOC) is what you are looking for!

During this three-week endeavour, we will explore how we use satellites for Earth Observation to support the climate science community and policy-makers. This is what ESA’s CCI is all about!

You will learn what ECVs are, how they are determined and what story they are telling about the climate. You will be encouraged to study real climate data and discover the state of the Earth from outer space. The CCI toolbox helps you visualise the data while the climate experts guide you in understanding the story the data is telling.

Though the MOOC is targeted to tertiary education users such as undergraduate and post-graduate students; early career researchers and their lecturers or supervisors, anyone eager to learn more about ESA’s Climate Change Initiative can join as the University of Twente will offer and deliver the MOOC as a free course through the FutureLearn platform!

The high-level video lectures, self-study assignments and online interactions allow for a hybrid, enjoyable, online social experience. Live-streamed video lectures from climate experts and visualised tutorials on using the CCI Toolbox will give you the tools to complete your assignments on real-life study cases. Get the most out of your learning experience through the student-teacher discussions with invited CCI Climate Science Experts.

By taking the MOOC and successfully finishing end-of-course assignments, you will receive five ECTS credits from the Geo-information Science and Earth Observation faculty, the University of Twente, the Netherlands.