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23. August 2023

Advancing planetary Epidemiology through Earth observations

Webinar with Future Earth and ESA considers how remote sensing & health data can unpack multi-exposure issues

Planetary epidemiology is a new sub-discipline of epidemiology that aims to address the multiplying impacts of global environmental change on the health of humans and other species, as well as to address the anthropogenic drivers of these changes. To that end, experts from Future Earth’s Health Knowledge-Action Network (Health KAN), the European Space Agency (ESA), and Imperial College London held a webinar on 25 July to explore directions for advancing empirical research on planetary epidemiology, in particular through shaping a Health KAN pilot study in Burkina Faso, taking advantage of the latest satellite data products. The blog post published by Future Earth provides an introduction to the topics discussed at the webinar, through the lens of a novel epidemiological study funded by the ESA-Future Earth joint program, led by Dr. Kristine Belesova. It highlighted advancements in available data relevant to this type of study. The recording of the webinar is available from the blog link.