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14. September 2022

Open call for activities that foster stakeholder engagement on EO research

An open call for Future Earth research networks to collaborate on EO research activities

The Joint ESA-Future Earth program has an open call, closing 30th September 2022, for collaborative activities using Earth observations.

The seed funds can support diverse activities that use ESA's satellite data in collaborative research, training or stakeholder engagement.

Proposals of up to €18,000 Euros are invited, with a closing date of 30th September.

Applications must be submitted by members of a Future Earth Global Research Network (GRN), in a topic aligning with the research priorities of the network. If you are not part of a GRN you need to actively join it and seek support for the proposal formally with its Scientific Steering Committee via its International Project Office.

Example activities include:

  • A workshop and coordinated synthesis report or journal special issue (support for coordination staff time for virtual or hybrid meetings, or for in-person meetings support of participants’ travel and expenses);
  • Training events or working group study/writing weeks (support for participant travel and expenses, hosting costs);
  • Support for user outreach and engagement to deepen the impact of research using EO at planned events, for example at policy meetings or education conferences;
  • Demonstration projects to deepen the impact of published EO-related research, through an in-depth consultation with stakeholders to co-develop digital tools based on stakeholder needs. The tools could be, for example a web-based monitoring platform to inform decision making for climate adaptation.

Further details about the ESA-Future Earth Joint program and the open call for proposals isavailable here.