The GHG-CCI+ project satellite-derived data products are available via CEDA (click here for search and download).

Data products generated in the GHG-CCI pre-cursor project are now generated operationally via the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and the corresponding data product are available via the Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS). Information on these and other satellite-derived CO2 and CH4 data products can also be found HERE.

In the new GHG-CCI+ project we generate new data products (see HERE) which can be obtained from CEDA; see also CCI Open Data Portal. Below we show some images of these new GHG-CCI+ data products.

Below are some first methane maps retrieved using the scientific retrieval algorithm WFM-DOAS (or WFMD) from the radiance spectra measured by the TROPOMI instrument on-board the Sentinel-5-Precursor (S5P) satellite. Details on the retrieval algorithm and on the validation of this data product are presented in Schneising et al., 2019. Also shown is a key figure from our study "Remote sensing of methane leakage from natural gas and petroleum systems revisited" (Schneising et al., 2020).

Methane Global April-2018

Methane Global September-2019

Methane Turkmenistan 10-April-2018

Methane Ohio/USA 27-Feb-2018

Methane leakage gas and oil fields

Atmospheric methane 2021 retrieved from TROPOMI/Sentinel-5-Precursor using the WFMD retrieval algorithm developed at University of Bremen (Schneising et al., 2022). Access to data and documentation.