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19. Juli 2021

Lakes_cci dataset V1.1 available!

This dataset is currently online at CEDA

The project team are pleased to announce that version 1.1 of the Climate Research Data Package of the Lakes ECV is now available:

Link to CEDA:

lakes_cci version 1.1

This dataset contains global products for the five thematic variables

  • Lake Water Level
  • Lake Water Extent
  • Lake Surface Water Temperature
  • Lake Ice Cover
  • Lake Water Leaving Reflectance

Similar to version 1.0, this dataset covers 250 lakes worldwide for the period from 1992 to 2019. All variables are included in daily netCDF files.

The main improvements in this update are the use of new algorithms to estimate Lake Ice Cover and increased coverage for Lake Water Level and Lake Water Extent.

For any questions regarding this dataset please contact