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RECCAP-2 supports and accelerates the analysis of regional carbon budgets based on the results of data-driven models and process-oriented Global Dynamic Vegetation Models.

Über Projekt

REgional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes’, Phase 2 (RECCAP-2) is coordinated by the Global Carbon Project, and collects and synthesises regional data for 14 large regions of the globe with a requirement of harmonisation sufficient to be able to scale these budgets to the globe and to compare different regions.

Key policy-relevant challenges for the scientific community and objectives of the RECCAP-2 project are to:

  1. Improve quantification of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and their sources;
  2. Develop robust observation-based estimates of changes in carbon storage and greenhouse gas emissions and sinks by the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems, distinguishing whenever possible anthropogenic vs. natural fluxes and their driving processes;
  3. Gain science-based evidence of the response of marine and terrestrial regional GHG budgets to climate change and direct anthropogenic drivers.

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