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6. Juni 2022

New ITT: EO Science Strategy Foundation Study

Bidders meeting planned for 9 June and proposals are invited

A new invitation to tender entitled: the EO Science Strategy Foundation Study has been published on the esa-star website and is open to the science and EO user community. Proposals with a budget of 0.5 Million Euros each are invited.

Potential bidders can register for and attend an online Bidder’s Day meeting is planned on June 9, 2022 from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST to provide more information about the study and answer questions.

The EO Science Strategy Foundation study

The study provides a unique opportunity for the wider scientific community to participate, research and express their views and ideas in the elaboration of the content of the new, updated 2024 – 2030 ESA EO Science Strategy. The new Strategy is expected to guide the selection and development of new future EO research satellites, and the scientific content and technology goals of ESA EO Programmes.

The core objective of the study is to research and document priority scientific needs and objectives, and their role in addressing important gaps in our knowledge of the Earth system. The selected study teams of up to three studies will be asked to propose new or updated domain cross-cutting Earth science questions as candidates to replace the Living Planet Challenges in the 2024 – 2030 ESA EO strategy. Two additional supporting study goals include:

  • To perform a traceability exercise to identify geophysical information gaps associated with the candidate EO Science Questions e.g. to be addressed either through the development and launch of new and innovative EO missions or through focused EO science research and development;
  • To demonstrate and document through a traceability exercise how addressing the candidate EO Science Question within ESA EO programmes is linked to societal benefits and contributes to international policies and agendas.

ESA intends to fund up to 3 parallel consortium bids for 15 months (up to a total combined study value of 1.5 Million Euros) and would welcome a strong engagement from the science community.

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