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21. September 2022

Third Users Survey

Questionnaire #3

The third questionnaire is addressed to climate scientists, lake scientists and the wider scientific and expert user community interested in observing lakes. This survey forms the third user consultation of the project, collecting feedback and requirements to align the project with user needs in the Phase 2 of the project. It is focused on the use of the dataset produced in the Phase I.

The latest version 2.0.2 of the dataset is available here:

This dataset contains the Lakes Essential Climate Variable, which is comprised of processed satellite observations at the global scale, over the period 1992-2020, for over 2000 inland water bodies. The five thematic climate variables included in this dataset are: Lake Water Level (LWL), Lake Water Extent (LWE), Lake Surface Water temperature (LSWT), Lake Ice Cover (LIC), Lake Water-Leaving Reflectance (LWLR).

The link to this new survey is available on our website or with QRcode: