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19. Februar 2020

LST CCI User Workshop 2020

Workshop via video conference on 24-26 June 2020

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the ESA Land Surface Temperature (LST) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) User Workshop will be held from 24-26 June 2020 by video conferencing.

In addition to presenting a brief overview of the LST CCI project and its products, topics for this workshop will include (but are not limited to):

  1. User requirements for satellite LST
  2. Uncertainties in satellite retrievals of LST
  3. User applications for satellite LST
  4. Climate services and satellite LST
  5. The role of satellite LST observations in future IPCC Assessment Reports

There will be no registration fee for this event.

Kind regards,

Lizzie Good (LST CCI Climate Research Group lead) and Darren Ghent (LST CCI Science lead)