Fellowship Project Title: Global and Local Atmospheric response to the Underlying Coupled Ocean (GLAUCO)

Fellowship project summary:

By looking at long-term records of sea surface temperature (SST), wind speed, cloud cover and rainfall, the GLAUCO project aims at quantifying the importance of the fast air-sea interactions on the climate system. In particular, the mechanisms that mediate the atmospheric response to the oceanic thermal forcing will be studied at different spatio-temporal scales. At the same time, the control exerted on such mechanisms by the environmental conditions will be assessed. Local features will be characterized by appropriate regional studies within the global framework.

Regional differences that emerge in the SST-wind correlation coefficient when using daily high-pass-filtered data (from Pasquero et al., Geophys. Res. Lett. (2021))

Research Fellow: Agostino Niyonkuru Meroni

Host Institution: University of Milano-Bicocca