Study WP5.2 Impacts and Evaluation of Vegetation Phenology Changes on Observed and Modelled Land-Atmosphere Processes


This Study is led by Daniele Peano from CMCC. Additional contributors to this Study are Debbie Hemming and Rob King from the Met Office.

The main CCI ECVs used in this Study are Vegetation, Snow, Water Vapour, Land Surface Temperature, Biomass, Land Cover, and Soil Moisture.

It is estimated that this Study will run from September 2023 until August 2025.

The Study comprises two parts. The first will occur during the development phase of the CCI Vegetation and, through interaction with the CMUG team, will provide testing and feedback on preliminary LAI (Leaf Area Index) and FAPAR (Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation) data. The second involves analysis of the relationships between phenology and land-atmosphere processes by defining a core set of phenology indicators at the global and habitat scale, quantifying the influence of phenology on land-atmosphere interactions, and comparisons with model and observed values.

Results and conclusions

Results and conclusions will be provided once the Study is complete.