Study WP5.5 Cloud and Aerosol Analysis


This Study is led by Angela Benedetti and Kirsti Salonen from ECMWF. Additional contributors to this Study are Axel Lauer from DLR and Jeronimo Escribano from BSC.

The main CCI ECVs used in this Study are Aerosol, Cloud, Soil Moisture, and Water Vapour.

It is estimated that this Study will run from September 2023 to August 2024.

The Study comprises of three parts. The first part is undertaking dust aerosol analysis with the BSC system (Jeronimo Escribano, BSC). This would involve constraining global dust aerosol simulations from the BSC MONARCH model with CCI data to produce dust analyses during the extraordinary event of June 2020. The second part is to undertake Cloud / Aerosol analysis with the ECMWF system (Angela Benedetti and Kirsti Salonen, ECMWF). This would involve joint assimilation of Aerosol and Cloud ECVs in the ECMWF IFS during June 2020 and September 2021 with the IFS 4DVar scheme in CAMS configuration. The third part is to undertake the Cloud and Aerosol analysis validation Study (Angela Benedetti and Kirsti Salonen, ECMWF; Axel Lauer, DLR; and Jeronimo Escribano, BSC) involving evaluation using the ESMValTool and internal tools at BSC/ECMWF.

Results and conclusions

Results and conclusions will be provided once the Study is complete.