what is a little picture?

a simple, data-driven, self-contained, beautiful visualisations of the climate

anatomy of a little picture

We don't want to stifle your creativity, but we do have minimum criteria for a Little Picture of climate to be eligible are as follows:

  • is data-driven using available data from ESA and/or, EUMETSAT and/or the ECMWF Copernicus Climate Change Service
  • distils climate data into a clear visual climate message (that illustrates climate trends, variability over seasonal, annual or decadal scale)
  • is self-contained and can be embeddable in websites, apps and other electronic media
  • includes cited sources including data and open access to scripts
  • has a file size of less than 2Mb in size

Explore our gallery of data-driven Little Pictures that distil decades of satellite to life.

Create your own Little Picture of climate using our easy-to-use CSV files or data archives from ESA, EUMETSAT and ECMWF, and if you need help to get started we have three step-by step tutorials to get you on the right track.

Enter your climate data visualisations to our Little Pictures competition and get the opportunity to showcase your talent at this year's UN COP28 climate conference (open for entries from 1 September)