CCI Research Fellowship - 2021 cohort

A summary of research felllowships projects undertaken by the 2021 cohort

  • Agostino Meroni: Global and Local Atmospheric response to the Underlying Coupled Ocean (GLAUCO) | University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Alexandra Runge: Permafrost Vulnerability from multiple Essential Climate Variables (PVE) | AWI (Potsdam)
  • Bennet Juhls: Organic Matter Runoff and its Fate in a Warming Arctic | AWI (Potsdam)
  • Christin Abel: AridLand | University of Copenhagen
  • Elisa Calamita: Climate change Related Ecosystem ShifTs in Lakes | Eawag
  • Giulia Bonino: Framework for marine heat wave EVEnts integrating Remote SEnsing and numericAl simulations (FEVERSEA) | Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
  • Nicolas Labrière: Carbon emissions and uptake from vegetation change in the tropic | CNRS
  • Nina Raoult: D​rydown ​E​valuation ​S​imultaneous ​T​errestrial calib​R​ation ​E​mploying ​S​SM & L​S​T (DESTRESS) | Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement
  • Rebecca Dell: Controls on lake formation on ice shelves (COOLFISH) | University of Cambridge
  • Richard Pope: Tropospheric Ozone and Climate Interactions in the Satellite Era | University of Leeds
  • Stephen Chuter: Fingerprinting Approach to close Regional Sea Level Budgets using ESA-CCI | University of Bristol