The CCI Toolbox is a python package that provides access and operations to CCI data.

It is available on GitHub and can be installed with Conda.

Data Stores

The CCI Toolbox comes with two pre-configured data stores, built with the xcube Python package. The CCI Open Data Portal data store (esa-cdc) provides programmatic access to all CCI data. The Zarr data store (esa-cdc-zarr) provides access to selected CCI data in Zarr format for faster performance.


Datasets are accessed through Data Stores. By providing a dataset identifier the CCI Toolbox loads only the metadata and structure of the dataset, with the full dataset loaded only when needed for operations. Opened datasets are represented through data structures defined by Python packages xarray, pandas, and geopandas


The CCI Toolbox provides climate analyses operations geared to CCI data for coregistration, resampling, spatial and temporal subsetting, time series extraction, outlier detection, merging, normalising, spatial adjustment, temporal adjustment, and providing the means for operation registration. In addition, the Python packages xarray, pandas, and geopandas provide a rich and powerful low-level data processing interface for datasets opened through the CCI Toolbox. See the API reference for details.


Method 1 - Install Conda and then run the following

$ conda create --name ect --channel conda-forge esa-climate-toolbox
$ conda activate ect

Method 2 - Or, if you already have an existing Conda environment then just run the following with the environment activated

$ conda install --channel conda-forge esa-climate-toolbox

Method 3 - Install directly from the GitHub repository as follows

$ git clone
$ cd esa-climate-toolbox
$ conda env create
$ conda activate ect
$ pip install -e .

Getting Started

Try our Jupyter Notebooks on listing and searching CCI data, subsetting CCI data, accessing Zarr format CCI data, listing the operations of the CCI Toolbox, and general operations on CCI data.


For support with the CCI Toolbox, please visit our Helpdesk.