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June 13, 2022

Fire_cci project enters next phase

R&D to continue for a further 2 years

Phase II of the Fire_cci+ project kicked off last week which will continue R&D to develop fire data products in line with requirements of the GCOS Fire Essential Climate Variable for two additional years.

The objectives of this extension include:

  • processing of additional years (2020 to 2022) of the new FireCCIS310 product - currently available for the year 2019
  • development of an algorithm to merge burned area from different existing products (FireCCI51, MCD64A1, FireCCILT11, FireCCIS310) to obtain a combined product that builds on the strengths of each dataset
  • production of a long time series of the Small Fire Dataset focused on three regional areas coinciding with the High-Resolution Land Cover CCI project, which will be produced using information from Landsat and Sentinel-2. Validation efforts will continue to create databases to evaluate the accuracy of the new products, and our partner of CNRS will continue to work on fire patch analysis for DGVMs.

The project welcomes Guido van de Werf and his team at VU Amsterdam who join the Fire_cci consortium to work as part of the Climate Research Team focusing on emissions estimations using FireCCI products as inputs to the GFED model.